Holden V8 oiling system mods

COME Racing Holden V8 oiling system mods

There are so many complaints about the Holden V8 oiling system, that it's actually quite annoying till one puts things in perspective. Do you realise the Holden V8 was designed in Detroit Michigan for General Motors Holden in 1965? Given the engine began life in production Holden vehicles in 1969 we need to step back and give our Australian built "plastic" V8 a little breathing room. Considering the insane power outputs we have forced our Holden V8's to produce it's no wonder the oiling system does not always keep pace. It's really like taking a conventional points type distributor and putting it in a 1300hp Pro Stock Drag Race engine and expecting it to adequately light that engines fire. It will happen, maybe but it will not be effective at all. On the other hand the 308ci version of the Holden V8 was really never expected to make much more power than the originally factory claimed 240bhp. With 240 or even up to 300 or so bhp the oiling system is great. In fact we have found that unless you achieve power levels well over the 500bhp mark the stock oiling system with the best possible oil pan fitted, best possible oil pump and a few minor blueprinting steps will serve you very reliably. This changes of course if the application is any form of endurance work like boat, speedway, circuit or similar race applications. It's from this point on the you either bite the bullet and go Dry Sump setup or at least look at some simple mods we will demonstrate here to prioritise the oiling system for very few dollars. These mods mean theat both lifter bores and main bearings are flushed with large volumes of oil instantly which optimises valve train operation and just as importantly, longer more reliable main and rod bearing life.