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LS Chev/Holden V8 cranks and rods

15 August 2023

Our beautiful 4340 Steel LS Stroker cranks have been available for over 20 years. Their strength and reliability is second to none. Our unique counterweight design keeps them relatively light at under 26kg while incredibly strong and very easy to balance.

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19 August 2022


Anyone wanting genuine COME Racing products can now order directly from...

Adicted Performance

2 Rimfire Drive

Hallam Victoria 3803

03 9708-6232

Contact: Danko

You can also continue to order from the COME Racing web site...

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COME racing Twin Throttle Body EFI manifolds for Holden V8 BACK IN STOCK

10 August 2022

Finally, our Twin Throttle Body manifolds are back in stock. These are to suit Holden V8's fitted with VN EFI style cylinder heads. Order on line.

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COME Racing Twin Throttle Body manifolds in production. SOME POLITICS AS WELL!

28 March 2022
COME Twin Throttle Body EFI Holden V8 manifold

With many delays and problems, mainly relating to Covid affecting the supply chain, our Twin Throttle Body EFI Holden V8 manifolds are now in production again.

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COME Racing on

19 November 2021

With the current trend of mainstream media and big tech censorship we are no longer posting on the most popular social media platforms. Freedom of speech seems to have been removed from those people who have opposing views to the main stream, big tech narratives.

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Holden V8 Billet Steel main bearing caps

03 September 2021

Holden V8 main bearing caps. Our ever popular stepped 4 bolt main bearing cap sets now have some new additions. We are now offering steel front main bearing caps as well as steel rear main bearing caps. This now means all your main bearing caps can now be upgraded to billet steel.

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23 August 2020

We've have many calls and emails asking if we are still operating given the Covid lockdown here in Melbourne. The answer is yes we are open as per normal and recommend you place your orders on line at our web site or call us with an order.

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COME Racing cast iron Holden V8 cylinder block progress...

23 August 2019

The first casting has come off the CNC machine and the results were wonderful. The casting was flawless. Material is exactly as required, very tough with a very high nickel content providing incredible density and precise machineability.

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COME Racing cast iron Holden V8 cylinder block

19 February 2019

COME Racing Holden V8 cast iron cylinder block first test castings. It will still be a while yet before these are available for sale but we have finally turned the corner ensuring this block will be a reality.

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Holden V8 4 Bolt Main Bearing caps

02 February 2019

Our steel 4 bolt main caps are back in stock. These are the best Holden V8 steel caps available anywhere. For more details...

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