We've have many calls and emails asking if we are still operating given the Covid lockdown here in Melbourne. The answer is yes we are open as per normal and recommend you place your orders on line at our web site or call us with an order. There are no personal visits to our factory allowed during the current lock down but we are working our normal Monday-Thursday times. 

If you cannot get through on the phone, just send us an email or send a text to our mobile. Don't send voice messages to the mobile please. Aside from the fact that we are old blokes now and don't rush to get to work early we are still here, we are fully stocked with our Holden Stroker cast and billet steel cranks, our latest Stroker design H beam rods and complete balanced 355, 383 and 396ci Holden Stroker kits.

It has been more challenging keeping up supplies of our VN Holden V8 style alloy heads, both our 590 and 600 Series versions but we received our latest batch last Thursday. Our VN single plane manifolds are in stock and the newest batch of our Twin Throttle Body Holden V8 EFI manifold are in production right now. We've had a tremendous response to these manifolds and we are working hard to keep the stock pipeline full. These will be back on the shelf in about 2 weeks.

Most of you are aware that WE DID NOT CLOSE DOWN as some of our competitors would have you believe. We sold our full machine shop in 2017 and are no longer doing machine work or building engines. We are however supplying our components so you can build your own, have your trusted shop do the work or even better...we suggest you call Arthur from Custom Engines here in Melbourne on 03 9580-0209 or 0401 201 831. Arthur worked for us early in his career and I'm glad to say he benefited from our guidance and knowledge. He is one of those machinists that does not know how to do anything unless it's perfect. A rare thing these days. He is the one who does all the machining on your components and has a shop full of very impressive equipment. Most importantly he really knows how to use the equipment and his pricing is very competitive. He is totally familiar with our products and the engine combinations we developed over our 45 years in the industry.

Finally, the new COME Racing cast iron Holden V8 replacement cylinder block is now very close. It would have been available for sale a few months ago had we not had this Covid problem. The CNC company like most similar businesses have had to restructure, reduce staff and become Covid legal in order to safely continue to work. Please be a little more patient, we will announce the arrival of this long awaited product as soon as we possibly can.