COME Racing components will continue

Just so people are aware...COME Racing is doing a deal for the sale of our full machine shop. This means we will no longer be building engines from around July 2017.
However, everyone should also be aware that our crankshaft and con rod business will be continuing in terms of supply and sale of all the components we have developed over so many years. We will continue to supply our cranks and rods to suit Holden V8 and the LS Chev V8's. As well as this balanced rotating assemblies..."Stroker kits" will continue to be supplied as we have done for the past 30 years.
We do not want these products to simply disappear and to that end we will continue to operate COME Racing primarily as a parts supplier and not an engine building business.
Our alloy parts business will also continue so we will continue to make our alloy heads and intake manifolds to suit Holden V8 engines.

The fact is we had interested parties who wanted to take over these parts lines but no one stepped up to the plate so to speak, so we will continue on our normal path until such time as we can no longer do so or someone decides to take over our product lines.