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With the current trend of mainstream media and big tech censorship we are no longer posting on the most popular social media platforms. Freedom of speech seems to have been removed from those people who have opposing views to the main stream, big tech narratives.

To that end we are no longer posting on the big tech platforms and instead doing so on the newer platforms which allow ALL viewpoints. 

We are not making political statements here. The automotive performance industry we have been involved with for over 45 years is not at this stage subject to direct attack by the big tech guys except from the Climate Emergency front. All you rev heads out there are polluters and environmental vandals. They will get to us rev heads a lot sooner than you may believe.

Some big businesses are already involved in the WOKE agenda. An example is one of the major freight company conglomerates here in Australia is no longer transporting legal, registered firearms and ammunition for legal licensed sporting shooters, farmers and professional shooters because they no longer feel that doing so is the right thing to do. Who knows, next in line maybe they will decide to no longer transport goods that they decide pollute the earth we live in. That may hit closer to our sport in the near future.

Anyway, I suggest some of you take a good look at other alternative sites which in our opinion provides a more balanced and more honest approach to free speech and freedom of expression. Go to our COMERACING channel on