Holden V8 Project engine

Take a Holden EFI V8 cutout engine out of a VN-VS Commodore. Run it as is on the engine dyno to baseline it and begin to make changes to evaluate the costs versus the performance gains. We find many enthusiasts make changes that are not always cost effective. The biggest mistake is often over camming these engines with a resultant dramatic loss in acceleration of the car.

We'll provide several optional ways to modify these engines but would like YOUR feedback as to what you would like to see in the buildup. Many performance buildups of this type are often done incorrectly and our aim here is to use as many of our fully developed components to show you the results that are possible. The mix of parts are the key to success and will dramatically vary depending on YOUR final peformance goals. Are you looking for a strong street sleeper engine that is driven once a week, once a month or similar? Or, are you chasing a daily driver with as much torque, acceleration and fuel efficiency as possible still withing the framework of having acceleration exceeding that available from the current Commodores and Falcons available from your dealer today?