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427ci LS Chev V8 Bracketmaster Engine

01 April 2014

The final numbers are in...over 630 bhp in the room @ 6000 rpm and 610 ft.lbs torque @ 4500 rpm. Corrected power 659 bhp and 633 ft.lbs torque.

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427ci COME Racing Alloy Engine with improvements for 2014

15 January 2014

With the new year comes more power for our all alloy 427ci Holden replacement engine. Over 600 bhp on pump 98 fuel, hydraulic roller cam, no carb spacers and off the shelf Pacemaker 1 3/4" Tri-Y extractors. The engine will fit under any bonnet without the need for hood scoops.

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427ci COME Racing Alloy Engine final tests

02 September 2013

Our 427ci COME Racing alloy carb engine has been completed. Final tests include back to back testing of our off the shelf Pacemaker 1 3/4" Tri-Y Commodore extractors as a comparison to the full race Gonzo Race Pipes competition Tri-Y headers.

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427ci COME Alloy carb engine on dyno

29 August 2013

COME Racing all alloy engine fires up on the dyno. A recap of the components and specifications...


COME Racing alloy engine (Holden V8 direct replacement)

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COME Racing 427ci alloy engine nears completion

28 August 2013

With the bottom end virtually complete. Our attention turns to the top end. A pair of our off the shelf "600" Series alloy VN style heads were prepared with our usual 2.08" and 1.6" stainless steel intake and exhaust valves, dual flat tappet or hydraulic cam springs and moly retainers.

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427ci COME Racing Alloy Engine buildup

19 August 2013

For all the Holden V8 tragics like us, we are currently building a 427ci (7 litre) version of our all alloy Holden V8 repalcement engine. The short block is assembled with our 4340 steel billet 4.00" stroke crankshaft and our billet 4340 steel 5.850" length "H" beam conrods.

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383ci Holden V8 S.S-2 EFI Engine

06 August 2013

You would be doing your early Holden, Street Rod or Commodore up to the VT model era a big favour by installing an engine like this one. These engines achieve excellent fuel economy, unparalleled throttle response and incredibly long engine life.

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427ci Ford Windsor factory crate motor

26 July 2013

Great value for money Ford Racing 427ci Windsor Small Block crate motor. You could not build an engine like this for the money these factory crate motors cost.

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COME Racing 700 Series head development

18 July 2013
Prototype intake port 700 Series Holden V8 head

There is now light at the end of the development tunnel for our next generation COME Racing 700 Series alloy heads for Holden V8.

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Mountain Motor madness

16 July 2013

A new engine for our Oldsmobile Cutlass finally made it to the Dyno. With mine shaft weather conditions the power and torque are very impressive. In the real world with more normal conditions at a local Melbourne track like Calder Park we will probably see about 50-70 BHP less.

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