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08 July 2015

383ci Holden V8 PREMIUM Stroker kits


383ci Holden V8 STROKER Version "H" beam connecting rods

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New Products

20 May 2015

1) 355 Holden V8 Premium Stroker kit...

2) Holden V8 Holden Journal Bushed 5.7" "I" beam rods...

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Holden V8 oiling system mods

02 January 2015

There are so many complaints about the Holden V8 oiling system, that it's actually quite annoying till one puts things in perspective. Do you realise the Holden V8 was designed in Detroit Michigan for General Motors Holden in 1965?

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Holden V8 Project Engine back on the dyno

23 December 2014

A busy time for us the last month or so. Project engine had to wait for a while while we completed regular work tasks. It was worth the wait however.

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Project Engine receives a new cam

04 November 2014

After grinding several cams which may be used in our Project Holden EFI V8 engine we pulled the stock cam out. After cleaning old gaskets and preparing the new cam, we installed the new cam, and new timing set.

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Project Holden V8 comes off the dyno

21 October 2014

As the initial dyno tests are concluded our Project Holden V8 comes off the dyno. The stock 5 litre EFI engine is found to be in great mechanical shape making 296 BHP when tested with Pacemaker 1 3/4" primary header size Pacemaker Tri-Y extractors.

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Project Holden V8 engine Episode 2

15 October 2014

Our donor engine (Holden 5litre EFI V8) is given a wash and an oil change prior to mounting it on the engine dyno. After installing the engine on the dyno a fresh load of mineral based "Martini" 20w-50w oil is added with a new GM filter.

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Holden V8 Project engine

13 October 2014

Take a Holden EFI V8 cutout engine out of a VN-VS Commodore. Run it as is on the engine dyno to baseline it and begin to make changes to evaluate the costs versus the performance gains. We find many enthusiasts make changes that are not always cost effective.

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383 Holden Stroker EFI S.S-2 Street-Strip Engine

13 August 2014

If you have a Commodore from the 80's or 90's an engine like this one is an ideal upgrade. Built with off the shelf components anyone can easily emulate this package.

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427ci LS Chev V8 Bracketmaster Engine

01 April 2014

The final numbers are in...over 630 bhp in the room @ 6000 rpm and 610 ft.lbs torque @ 4500 rpm. Corrected power 659 bhp and 633 ft.lbs torque.

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