COME Racing single 4 barrel single plane VN manifold IN STOCK!

Catalog Item Type: Components
Fits Engine: Holden V8
Component Category: Intake Manifolds
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Part Number: COME 4BT CARB
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Price: $950.00
Discounted Price: Not Discounted
Shipping Cost: $ 100.00
Total Cost with Shipping: AUD 1,050.00

After several years of development the COME Racing "4BT" model single plane, single 4 barrel manifold has revolutionized the Holden V8's performance potential.

The design brief was simple. Achieving all the goals set out in the design brief were painstakingly difficult. We knew they were achievable and stuck to the development program.

We wanted a manifold that...

  1. Produced more power and torque than any other on the market;
  2. Would fit under the bonnet of any Holden vehicles without the necessity of fitting hood scoops; Maximum height 145mm above end seal surface.
  3. Will support the broadest range of engine capacities from 304ci to 427ci in carb or 4 barrel EFI throttle body combinations;
  4. Was the most effective power and torque maker without the use of carb spacers except in the more extreme end of the power spectrum;
  5. Had a cost level more competitive than any other Australian made manifold for the Holden V8 with VN style heads;
  6. Required none or at most, a minimum of port matching to produce excellent results;
  7. Produced the best possible air/fuel cylinder to cylinder mixture distribution right out of the box;
  8. Fits onto any VN style Holden factory or aftermarket alloy cylinder heads with no modifications.

Our design brief was totally fulfilled and you the consumer have the best single 4 barrel intake manifold on the market with all the benefits and absolutely no downsides.

You can order the COME 4BT intake for carburettor use or pre-drilled with fuel injector bores machined for use with multi point fuel injection systems. The EFI version part # is COME 4BT EFI and the price is $1100.00 plus freight.

Part # 4BT for carburettor applications.


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