LS 4340 Steel Stroker 4.00" Stroke crankshafts

Catalog Item Type: Components
Fits Engine: LS Chev V8
Component Category: Crankshafts
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Part Number: LS400
Specification Sheet: Does not apply to this item

Price: $1 750.00
Discounted Price: $1 400.00
Shipping Cost: $ 120.00
Total Cost with Shipping: AUD 1,520.00

Our beautiful 4340 Steel LS Stroker cranks have been available for over 20 years. Their strength and reliability is second to none. Our unique counterweight design keeps them relatively light at under 26kg while incredibly strong and very easy to balance. These features are common to all the cranks we designed and finished over many years. These LS cranks are an easy balance without Mallory Metal or welding with bobweights under 1800 grams.

These stroker cranks feature large fillet radii on rod and main journals for maximum load capacity even under sustained high rpm or boost applications. All our LS Stroker cranks have a 4.00" stroke enabling 383ci from a 5.7Litre engine block. 402ci or larger (depending on bore size) using an LS2 block. 416ci or larger using an LS3 block. 427ci using an LS7 factory block or larger with aftermarket big bore blocks.

Our cranks are supplied with your choice of 58 tooth or 24 tooth reluctor wheel to suit the early and late model VT-VF Commodore model cars.

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