Holden V8 Blueprinted alloy oil pump OUT OF STOCK!

Holden V8 Blueprinted pump

Catalog Item Type: Components
Fits Engine: Holden V8
Component Category: Oil Pumps
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Part Number: HPA308
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Not all brand new parts are perfect right out of the box. Our latest alloy oil pump for the Holden V8 is no exception but with some hand porting of oil flow areas and other mods shown below we now have a wonderful bolt on pump that does not cause the problems associated with the typical high volume pumps sold for Holden V8's

We take our new pumps, strip them down, measure clearance between the top of both gears and the pump case housing, we machine the case to provide around .004" clearance for maximum oil pressure and consistency.

We inspect gears and deburr if necessary, we inspect the pressure relief valve and polish it to ensure smooth movement in its machined bore in the pump housing, we shim the pressure return spring where necessary to maximise pressure particularly at idle and through the rpm range. Before you install our pumps we recommend you remove the top cover and fill the entire gear case with grease to ensure instant oil priming on startup. The grease acts as a siphon to ensure oil pressure comes up very quickly often a problem in newly built Holden V8's. Any good quality chassis grease, Vaseline or engine assembly grease is fine to use. Moly Disulphide grease is not to be used as it will plug oil filters very quickly.

It is also highly recommended that you use our blueprinted pump along with the oiling system modification shown in our video...


We've been doing this modification for all our engines and machinework jobs for customers for several years in conjunction with our blueprinted pumps. The results are wonderful with priority main bearing oiling in the cylinder blocks the need for extreme oil volume has been dramatically reduced. Camshaft life is enhanced since both lifter galleys are now fed oil equally which aids in cam and lifter lubrication. Most importantly oil pressures are much more consistent even with very high rpm stroker engines.

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