COME Racing 600 Series Alloy heads BARE

Catalog Item Type: Components
Fits Engine: Holden V8
Component Category: Cylinder Heads
Kit Category: Does not apply to this item
Package Type: Does not apply to this item
Part Number: COME 600 BARE
Specification Sheet: COME Racing 600 Series alloy head flow sheets

Price: $3 300.00
Discounted Price: Not Discounted
Shipping Cost: $ 160.00
Total Cost with Shipping: AUD 3,460.00

For those wanting to do their own seat and port preparation, our fantastic "600" Series alloy VN Holden V8 heads are available in bare form.

These heads come with our stellite seats installed along with solid bronze valve guides.

You will need to cut seats to suit whichever valves you decide to use and final valve guide honing to suit your valve stem diameters.

Trade customers who specialise in cylinder head preparation will have the best possible platform for making maximum power for their customers engines with these heads.

In most cases however even trade companies not doing their own head work should evaluate the cost of having a local head shop to do the preparation work versus buying our fully prepared COMPLETE heads.

The flow figures below reflect the minimum flow in cfm @28" test pressure with these "600" Series heads right out of the box...

Flow data in CFM @28" test pressures with the as cast 207cc intake runner volume and 2.08" intake valve
.500"..288.5...594hp potential
.600"..304.2...627hp potential
.700"..309.1...637hp potential
.800"..311.2...641hp potential

Exhaust port which flows through a 1.60" valve @28" test pressure...

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