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23 August 2020

We've have many calls and emails asking if we are still operating given the Covid lockdown here in Melbourne. The answer is yes we are open as per normal and recommend you place your orders on line at our web site or call us with an order.

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COME Racing cast iron Holden V8 cylinder block progress...

23 August 2019

The first casting has come off the CNC machine and the results were wonderful. The casting was flawless. Material is exactly as required, very tough with a very high nickel content providing incredible density and precise machineability.

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COME Racing cast iron Holden V8 cylinder block

19 February 2019

COME Racing Holden V8 cast iron cylinder block first test castings. It will still be a while yet before these are available for sale but we have finally turned the corner ensuring this block will be a reality.

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Holden V8 4 Bolt Main Bearing caps

02 February 2019

Our steel 4 bolt main caps are back in stock. These are the best Holden V8 steel caps available anywhere. For more details...

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COME Racing Twin Throttle Body EFI manifold

13 May 2018

As many of you are aware 2017 was the year we sold off our machine shop and have now moved to a much smaller factory. We are no longer building engines or doing engine machine work.

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Holden Stroker kit deals

10 October 2017

Our machinery is virtually all gone.
We are now getting back to business and have the following stroker kits on special...

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COME Racing last engine

12 July 2017

The last complete engine COME Racing has built has been run on the dyno. It is a 396ci Holden Stroker engine designed to make maximum torque for daily street use. The engine comprises the following...

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COME Racing components will continue

01 May 2017

Just so people are aware...COME Racing is doing a deal for the sale of our full machine shop. This means we will no longer be building engines from around July 2017.

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COME Racing Machine Shop and parts for sale

23 February 2017

COME Racing is selling up...

Our main machinery list...These are all for sale. If you are in the engine or machining business you won't find machines like this in mint condition easily.

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383 Holden V8 S.S-3 Engine EFI vs CARB induction

07 February 2017

A common question from customers who are building an early Holden V8 equipped car as to whether Carb or EFI induction makes more power. In reality most people who don't have the EFI components ask the question in an effort to come up with an immediate decision maker.

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