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383ci Holden V8 Ultimate carb. Engine

14 June 2013

Another combination for those looking for a tough weekend or bracket race engine for any GMH chassis.

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420ci LS2 engine combination

31 March 2013

Another option for the 6 litre engine owners. If you have a 6 litre LS2 equipped VZ-VE Commodore you have another option in relation to an engine upgrade.

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COME Racing "700" Series Holden V8 alloy heads

04 March 2013

After a 2 year hiatus we are proceeding with the final development work on our most powerful cylinder heads for the Holden V8, our "700" Series VN style alloy heads.

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More power for 2013...

05 January 2013

A new year and the power stakes ramp up even further. Making more power and incredible torque from your Holden V8 is easier than ever.

Another easily emulated engine combination anyone can build with the following COME Racing components...

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383ci Holden V8 Ultimate engine

17 November 2012

There are numerous ways to develop an engine for your street car, race car, Bracket Race car or whatever application you are hoping to power.

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COME Racing Holden V8 alloy heads... MADE IN AUSTRALIA!!!

22 April 2012

NEW...go to COME Racing's own video channel for the latest in COME Racing tech videos and information.

We have uploaded our latest videos with engine block machining, camshaft and cylinder head technology, how to assemble your short block etc. Follow the link below...

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